Sets! Organize your hearts

Oh, long time since our last update. We’ve been working on quite a few big things lately, and today we’re launching the first of them: Sets.

Sets are groups of images you’ve hearted, organized by a theme. It’s almost like having different profiles for different things you love, but on the same place.

You can have sets for about anything: That new haircut you want to get, your fashion style, decoration ideas for your home, your favorite celebrity photos…

Be creative when you name your sets and invent new ways to organize your hearts. You can also visit your friends’ sets for inspiration.

You can find your sets listed on your Heart page, and you can also create new sets from there. To add images to a set just go to the image page and select the set you’d like to save it in. Also, on every new heart you’ll be asked to choose a set where to heart that image.