Search! Search! Search!

Do you like spending time on We Heart It, searching for things you like, finding amazing images to heart and share with your friends?

We do too and we have some great news for you! We’ve just improved our search and it’s amazing, you have to test it.

Improved search results

Let’s play a game, look to your right, then search for the first thing that you see. I hope it’s something interesting! Let’s say for example it’s a Magazine.

Our new search results page will show you the most recent images tagged with Magazine (in our example), just like the search used to be before. So you can search everyday for the things you like and always see new images.

And now there are two new options: Most popular and Best match.

Most Popular

The most hearted images tagged with what you’re searching for. This is great if you’re curious about what other users think is the best image of something.

Best match

See the results we think you’ll like more. Our own mix of the most recent and most popular images, it will give you what we think are the most interesting results for what you’re looking for.

So go crazy searching for everything.

Search multiple tags

Now you can also search for multiple words and tags, for example, if you search for glasses harry potter you’ll get plenty results of images tagged with harry potter and glasses, instead of only getting results for the exact tag “glasses Harry Potter” (that wouldn’t have any result).

This has been one of the top requests from users and we hope you enjoy it 🙂

Search images within a user’s profile

You’ve hearted an image some time ago, and since then you’ve hearted a lof of things so you have to go back page by page on your profile to find it…

Well, no more! On any user profile there’s a search field that says “search this heart”, type a few words about the image and hit enter. We’ll filter your hearts and show you only the images tagged with those words.

So what do you think? Let us know in the comments below!