Animated Gifs

Before this week, when you hearted an animated gif from another site we converted it to a static image. Many of you wrote us asking that gifs remained animated, and we couldn’t agree more.

I’m happy to say that now We Heart It is a gif-friendly site! When you heart an animated gif it will now keep it’s animation.

We’ll display a play button over the image thumbnail, so you know that is not a simple static image. When you click the thumbnail and open the image page, you’ll the full size animated version of the gif.

Why display a play button on thumbnails?

Having animated thumbnails can be really distracting. Sure it’s ok when there’s one or two, but the whole page jumping up and down can get annoying after a while.

Why some gifs have animated thumnails then?

This was a small glitch we had for a while, and gifs hearted during that time remained animated. This is now fixed.