New layout, new features

You may have noticed that a few days ago we’ve changed the layout a little bit, but that wasn’t all we’ve done. We’ve been working on many different things and I’d like to let you know about what’s already available.

New Layout

Let’s start with the most obvious one. We’ve improved the overall look and feel of the site, added more space between the images and the different elements are more consistent between pages.

What are my Friends hearting?

The Friends link used to be hidden inside Explore, so to see your friends updates you have to first click Explore and then Friends. Well, not anymore, it’s now right there on the main menu bar, and you can even see how many unseen images are there while on another page.

The menu bar has another new link, it’s called “More”. There you can see our about page, download the Heart Button for your browser, get some goodies for your site, go to our help pages, and view our blog.

More from the same source

On the image page you can see not only the page where the image was originaly found, but you can see more images hearted from that same site. So if you like an image and want to more from that same artist, brand or blog, you do that easily by clicking the source link.


There’s a new option on your Account Settings, it’s called Privacy. There you can choose to hide your account from friends search. That means when people try to find their friends by email, Twitter or Facebook, your account won’t appear to them.

And you can also protect your profile. That way people will only be able to follow you and see your hearts if you allow them to.

Block user

If for some reason you don’t like a user, or don’t want them to be following you, you can block them. This will make the user unfollow you and won’t allow them to follow you again.