Image details change

Hello everyone, how are you all doing?

We have just released a small change on how you see image details on the site. We are very excited by this small change, this is something we really wanted to do.

Now, we’re showing more information, such as who hearted, the tags of the image, and you can also share to Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter without having to open a new page!

When you move your mouse over an image, you will now see the heart button on the center. As usual, clicking on the heart will save the image on your profile.

At the top, you can see who posted, the set of the image, or when it was posted.

At the bottom, you have three tabs. Click any of these tabs to see more information. The first tab shows the people who hearted the image. The second tab shows the tags added to the image. And the third tab lets you share the image to other sites.

After you heart an image, you can save it in a set. Click on -Choose a set- and select one your sets to save the image in, or choose the last option -New set- to create a new set on the fly! After clicking -New set-, just type the name of the set and press enter on your keyboard to create it.

And as always, you can still click on the image to open it in a new page to see it in full screen, add tags, discover similar images…

That’s it, drop us a comment to tell us if you like it. Stay tuned for more updates!

Keep Hearting!