Can’t log into Twitter on the We Heart It iOS app? How To Reset Your Account Password

We are working on resolving the issue with logging in and registering via Twitter on our app ASAP. In the meantime, please use the following workaround if you are having trouble signing in with Twitter on the We Heart It iOS app.

To log back into your account, you’ll need to reset your password at and sign in via email. This is a temporary fix to help you sign in to We Heart It while we resolve this problem. Thanks for your patience!

Step 1: Visit and sign in via Twitter.

Step 2: Navigate to Settings and click on the big pink button that says ‘set your password’.

Step 3: Check your email associated with that Twitter account and follow the link to set a new password.

Step 4: You can now use this email and password combination to sign in on the We Heart It iOS app.