Spread the love! Check out how hearting just got even better.

Have you ever received a notification saying that 5 people have re-hearted an image from you, and wondered who these 5 people are? Well, wonder no more! Happily, for all you who have been asking for this, we’ve released a new RE-HEARTING feature that shows who you’re inspiring.

Now, you can easily see who you are hearting an image from, and let that person know you’ve helped them discover the image. And fear not, image posters! You’ll still get credit every time someone hearts from you or from one of your re-hearters, and be credited for first posting the image. If you’re on the web, just hover over an image to find the original hearter. The first hearter is shown, as well as new hearters thereafter!

This new hearting structure helps spread the love around even more. Get notified when your followers are hearting inspiring and beautiful images they may have not otherwise seen. You help others discover new content, get notified when they heart from you, AND help the original hearter receive more hearts. It’s win-win!

Check out the new layout on the site below. We made it so the user you’re hearting from is shown right up front, so you can easily identify who helped you discover that image. Expand the image details to unveil where this image came from, and discover the original hearter.

To see the full list of people who have re-hearted from you, simply click on the next showing the number of people who have hearted from you.

And if you didn’t hear, this announcement follows our release of Mobile Image Upload, so make sure you download the newest versions of our apps for iOS and Android. We’re constantly working to improve We Heart It for you, so please keep the feedback coming. Happy hearting!