We Heart It Community Spotlight – Collections

A Day at the Beach CollectionWe love collections and all the ways you use them to showcase your creativity. You can weave a visual story through imagery, or just collect the things that inspire you.  What are you passionate about? Make an original collection that expresses you!

To get the creative ideas flowing, here are a few collections that we love today:

Visual Stories. Whether enchanting, imaginative, or intriguing, these collections took us on a visual journey:

Bright and Colorful. These colorful collections are a feast for the senses:

Artistic and Indie. Weird, unusual, and striking — these unique collections intrigued us:

Sporty. Celebrating bodies in motion and the inner athlete in all of us:

Funny and Quirky. Light-hearted or tongue in cheek, these collections made us laugh and smile:

Take Me There. Beautiful, far-away places and spaces that made us want to book a ticket right away:

Music. Because who doesn’t love a little rock-n-roll?: