So, How Was Your Escape?

We Heart It - Hello Spring

Last week we asked you, our community, to dream up your ideal spring escape with us. By no surprise, we were floored with your creativity. Over 12,000 of you created collections inspired by the escape of a lifetime. Whether your motive was adventure or relaxation, location was sandy or concrete, or filled with beaches or books, we enjoyed flipping through your collections and re-hearting to a collection of our ownWe were especially inspired by the bright colors of spring, white sandy beaches, road trips with amazing friends, and staying up late to catch the stars.

Check out some of the most popular collections from hearters worldwide.


Lauren - We Heart It Collection


Suzanne Caisse - We Heart It Collection

Suzanne Caisse

Signorina - We Heart It Collection


Camila - We Heart It Collection


Miss Larisa - We Heart It Collection

Miss Larisa

Poppy Wilson - We Heart It Collection

Poppy Wilson

Noora Mahone - We Heart It Collection

Noora Mahone

Kylie - We Heart It Collection


Onigiri Akemi - We Heart It Collection

Onigiri Akemi

Nadeen - We Heart It Collection


Debbie Li - We Heart It Collection

Debbie Li

Our friends also joined in on the fun and came up with collections of their own…

Wattpad - We Heart It Collection


BeFunky - We Heart It Collection


NYMBrands - We Heart It Collection



Thanks so much for your feedback and making the most wondrous collections. Be sure to leave us a comment on what you think the next collection theme should be.

Until next time!

47 thoughts on “So, How Was Your Escape?

  1. It was such a fun experience O:))
    I think the next experience should be about ‘our art’ – the way we see things, the things we enjoy seeing 🙂

  2. I love the pictres.i actually save it for my phone wall paper. 🙂 i hope i can capture my own picture idea and share it with you here,soon!

  3. I don’t know what I gonna be say
    We ❤️it best ever as usual
    I like share every beautiful event here in this lovely website
    I feel exciting for new 😍

  4. these collections are cool but they are exactly the same to me. i wished you would show some collections that don’t show the typical beaches and roadtrip pictures but really special things. there are different ways to show escapism. anyway, i like your little collection thing a lot 🙂

  5. What about having your own place to make pictures in weheartit and share it to the world?
    Let me know.

  6. I loved doing the “let’s escape” collection! I think the next collection should be about early summer and what our plans for this summer are by using pictures! 🙂 and we heart it would be awesome if we could chat!

  7. I think we could make something like “our style/fashion”. I’d be curious to know what other hearters love to wear or wish to wear..

  8. Beautiful … Mesmerizing … Amazing … Collection …
    its such a wonderful idea to share & to be so creative to interpret a theme …
    loving we heart it more and more…

  9. For me weheartit is an escape from the real world. It’s a place where I can get lost in the unrealisum and fantasy of what could be; therefor I am against chat. Iv deleted Facebook for this reason, I’m 17 and one of a few that don’t have it. Weheartit keeps me inspired and makes me want to do something with my life; like travel the world. I get excited to go on weheartit and I personally think it would ruin this escapism from people.

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