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Kick sexism out the door.  Women are super, and we believe that in every woman there is a wonder woman. We Heart It joins you in celebrating what makes females fierce.

When thirteen year old Australian surfer Olive Bowers made waves after she complained that the girl surfers in surf mags were pictured not for their wave shredding ability, but for wearing shreds of bikinis, she caught our attentionWe know that stupid attitudes about girls aren’t limited to surfing, so we want to recognize the talent of women everywhere and all they do.

At We Heart it we asked inspiring, empowered women for their take on what it means to be fiercely female.

I have battled this my whole life. You can’t ever give up or they win. When they see that you won’t give up that’s when they are forced to take you seriously and that is when change begins. When you show people that you are not going away and you aren’t going to back down from what you know is right, that will inspire other women to do the same. It’s the rock that starts the ripple and before you know it you have a whole movement.  —  Keala Kennelly,  big wave surfer

Be great every single day, be fearless, be kind, ignore the jerks. The rest will fall into place. Don’t let the noise of other people’s insecurity and anger slow you down. Block it out and keep moving. —  Jennifer Romolini, editor in chief, HelloGiggles

Find something you love, work hard at it, harder than you ever thought you could, but not for anyone else other than you. —  Rachel Platten, singer-songwriter

So, what makes you feel empowered? What mantra do you live by? Channel your inner superhero and make a creative collection with a girl power theme. What makes you feel great or strong, what are you awesome at, or who inspires you to take on your next challenge?  What’s your take on girl power?

Besides, slaying sexism builds muscles.

Call it out, ladies!

19 thoughts on “Girl Power

  1. This is what we women have been wanting formen ttreat us like we are objects they think they are more superior to us. These collectionswwill help us not only as single beautiful lady’s but also unite us. This will let us women know we are not alone and that we are strong and not going down without a fight!!

  2. I’m a guy and I enjoy finding neat things on weheartit. I think it’s better to support empowering girls and guys alike. Sexism is favoring either sex, why should only girls be empowered? Guys should be encouraged and have a voice too. I’d start a collection and name it “guy power” or something, but alas, there’s virtually nothing here for guys.. But regardless, I’ll share things I love too because it helps me focus on the good things in life. It’s not always about being better than someone, or what happened to you. It’s about doing something with your life that you love, maybe it’ll inspire others to do the same 🙂

    • Sweetie, guys don’t need a “guy power” campaign because guys already have the power. Please, search a little and learn about “male privilege” and you will understand.

  3. What a wonderful idea to get younger girls feeling empowered and inspired! There’s too much negative unrealistic representations of women in the media; young girls need to know that they are beautiful for whom they are, not what they look like. And not one of them needs a man to be happy and successful! Awesome blog 🙂

  4. I Agree with Austin to a certain extent but I want to take it further than Girl Power vs Boy Power, and I answered your survey as such, as empowered women we are not victims that need to cry about them and us! For true equality we need People Power and the power of humanity, I think Girl Power and Boy Power unintentionally in fact widens the divide….

  5. There is immense power concentrate in Girls , need proper recognition and encouragement ! There is a female behind every successful male !
    Female is Premordial Strength !

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