Following Collections – now on our site!

Now you can customize your following feed with the option to follow collections on our website!

Look for the follow button on collections to add just that collection to your following feed.  Mad about coffee, dogs, colorful images, or music?  Make your following feed about just the content you love!

We Heart It - Following Collections

iOS users – stay tuned!  We’ll be rolling this out to you soon.


22 thoughts on “Following Collections – now on our site!

  1. Can you start the option to allow users to comment on photos.. it will be really awesome if you do so…

  2. Why do all uploads have to be at least 240 pixels wide? It is so frustrating sometimes, tagging the image and then a notification coming up.

    • yeah I agree…at least change it so notification comes up immidiately and not after tagging and all

  3. hi im new here, very new…. anyways, i’m wonering, since i hearted lotsa things already like my favorite animes, where can i download the imaes that i hearted? is there some kind of folder like the favorites tab in dA?

  4. comments would really suck because everyone would advertise for themselves, just like on instagram. we heart it is about hearting and having your own special collection, not about getting followers or even fighting in the comment section like it often happens.

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