Popular quotes: “Lonely but fabulous”…and why being lonely may be a good thing

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Today I was browsing through my feed when I came across this image, first hearted by user Leticia Tomazini. It got me thinking about the concept of loneliness–can it actually be a good thing once awhile? And if so, what can you you learn about yourself from being alone? 

One of my favorite things about We Heart It is that it’s a safe place we can come to explore our thoughts and points of view without being judged. “Lonely but Fabulous” means something different to everyone.

When I first hearted the photo, I immediately thought of when I first moved to New York City the summer after my sophomore year of college. I’d moved for an internship and lived in a dorm with three other girls, all of whom were strangers, for three months.

Ironically, despite being literally surrounded by people, it was the most alone I’d felt in my entire life. Actually, the presence of other people made me feel more lonely–everyone seemed to be having fun with their friends, chatting away, laughing, smiling…while I, even if I was faking happiness, felt emptier inside by the minute.

What I didn’t realize then was that it doesn’t matter whether you’re in the busiest city in the world or an empty, wide-open field all by yourself–loneliness can creep up on anyone, at any time. I decided it was okay to feel sad — and that instead of looking at it as a negative, I could use the experience to learn to rely on myself and myself alone — something I’d never done before. 

In New York, by myself, I became my own best friend. I learned I could take care of myself. I learned I could entertain myself — with a book, alone in a restaurant, for example. When situations arose that made me uncomfortable, I heard myself loud and clear — “Get out of here, it’s not safe,” or “What are you doing? You aren’t okay with this. Leave. It’s okay.” When I accomplished things–at work, or even just venturing into a new part of the city by myself–I learned I didn’t need praise from others in order for my accomplishment to count. I could be proud of myself and that was enough. 

Lonely But Fabulous Teaser Grid

This is just one example of “Lonely but Fabulous” — I see instances of this concept all over We Heart It every single day. Check out my collection of “Lonely but Fabulous” images for inspiration to use in your daily life and feel free to start your own collection inspired by this awesome phrase — I’ve included tons of photos of people curling up with a book, traveling alone, spending time meditating and listening to music.

Hearters, what does “Lonely but Fabulous” mean to you? Tell us below in the comments section, and don’t forget to post links to your favorite quote collections.

25 thoughts on “Popular quotes: “Lonely but fabulous”…and why being lonely may be a good thing

  1. I think it means that even when you are lonely, you know that you still are an amazing person not only outside but indside as well and that it is okay to be by yourself, because in the end we are our own best friend ♥

  2. Because you don’t need anyone to be whole. It’s great if there is someone great enough with whom you can share the fun and happiness, but if there isn’t, you are just fine on your own. Never settle for less than what you deserve. Take your sweet alone time and make yourself better, so you can be the best version of yourself when that right person comes along!

  3. To be lonely sometimes is good think because you know that you are still cool, awesome and amazing ♥ Because you great person who can trust ♥ And you are YOU, YOURSELF ♥♥♥ ^_^

  4. Alone and depressed comes in waves as for the past ten years I have been unable to return to work): I fell on the job and was then diagnosed with Chronic pain and then Fibromyalgia. I really love WeHeartIt for the sharing ability, Uplifting of my mind and soul(;* My only wish would be that we

  5. I am Brazilian and I live by myself in Ipanema- Rio de Janeiro. I always lived with my parents, and never was good, never, I was a sad child, really sad and depressed, now, i’m free, far from them I can feel me, touch my soul and realize how important be alone in a apartament and in a big city means to me, and in the end, I never be so close to my family, even far away. I’m a girl who likes to be alone, maybe too much, but that way I’m happy. Lonely, but fabulous !

  6. “Lonely but Fabulous”–well, I think the meaning of the phrase can vary from person to person. But, it also depends on who you are, how you take the phrase, your view points, and most importantly, what you’ve been through…Me? Well, based on my, well, life story and the experiences I’ve been through, I’d say that to me it means: ‘being lonely because of your circumstances, learning to accept it, embrace it, trying to make friends when you can, and learning to be ok with being alone…accepting it, taking joy in it, and finding the time to simply discover who you are. To me, the phrase is ‘lonely but doing ok.'”

  7. ilive with my family and inever try to live alone or even thinik of it
    but in some times i want to be alone to think of some thing about my job or my studing so ineed to feel relax to can mak adisstion
    😀 lonely but fabulous

  8. People associate nice, popular, good, fabulous, wonderful, and all these feelings or moments when we are in love or with our friends, but the truth is that being lonely can be pretty amazing! You can find yourself, dance like nobody is watching and just be you, without someone criticizing! Thats what I think “Lonely but Fabulous” means! 😉
    Be Fabulous, be you! 🙂

  9. ‘Lonely but Fabulous’ this small sentence says everything about a person…A person who is deep lonely inside is that much fabukous outside becoz those people try to keep themself happy by and its a thought ‘The person who is too happy is deep lonely inside’ so according to me the lonely people are at their best and gud at everything bcoz they deserve!!

  10. I think that is means you can be lonely or by yourself but still fabulous. You don’t need other people or to be compared or any of that you can be alone and yourself and be just as fabulous or more so than with others.

  11. if you are lonely that doesn’t mean you are not fabulous.
    you could be a whole world and that’s what counts.

  12. I think that it means when ur lonely its a good thing because u have more time to ur self and more time to think what your next step will be.

    To be fabulous i think it your popular or that your just in a good mood thats why you think it but the truth is that we are all sooo fabulous

  13. Lonely and fabulous means to me
    Even if you are lonely or think you
    are lonely in life sometimes or
    always you know that deep down
    in your heart you know that you
    are a extraordinary and fabulous
    person in someone else’s life or
    in your own life.

  14. I think “Lonely But Fabulous” means to be not only by yourself physicaly but mentaly also and you still feel fine. Sometimes i be surrounded by my sisters but when they don’t include me and act like I’m not even there i feel Lonely but i feel Fabulous too because i have the ability to stand up for my self. That’s what I thinks Lonely but Fabulous means.

  15. Howdy! This post couldn’t be written any better!
    Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate!
    He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this article to him.

    Pretty sure he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!

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