18 Wreck This Journal Inspirations To Further Wreck Your Journal

Wreck This Journal - We Heart It

Attention all people who have not yet given up on actual paper: this past week Wreck This Journal was trending on We Heart It, so I thought I’d take a poke (okay, more like a deep dive) through all of your fabulous hearted journal images for some inspiration.

(Oh, and for those of you unfamiliar, Wreck This Journal is exactly what it sounds like: a journal that encourages you to “wreck it” using various methods.)

Below is a list I compiled of some of my fave ideas (I also made a collection!) — take ’em or leave ’em, but either way, keep wrecking those journals and sharing your creative masterpieces with us. We’re looking and loving!

1. Take your journal on vacation

Planning a trip? Do not leave that journal at home! New places are notorious for amazing inspo (err…hello, Big Ben!) — and don’t forget to take a picture of all the pages you complete while on vacay. You can paste them in later — or add them to your We Heart It page!

2. Stencil it up

Let’s face it — some of us have art skills that never progressed beyond preschool. But just because you’re not the next Picasso doesn’t mean you can’t have a next-level journal. Use stencils (like this wicked Batman stencil, courtesy of Heather), trace things or even grab a cookie cutter when populating your page with illustrations.

3. Use your X-Ray vision

This is what they call thinking outside the box…errr, or, beyond the surface?! There’s something creepily cool about the human body, so why not use your lovely insides as inspiration for your journal? Alma first hearted this image of skeleton feet in a Wreck This Journal, and I’m digging it.

4. Let it burn

Make sure you’re familiar with stop, drop and roll before attempting this one! Actually, better do it outside just to be safe! And definitely make sure NOT to burn the entire book…!

5. Think outside the wreck

Actually, this applies to all instructions in the book — you don’t have to take them literally. In fact, the more bizarrely you interpret them, the more unique your journal will be. So forget the rules and do your own thing.

6. Practice your band fonts

Oh, Alice, you were so spot-on with this one!

Wreck This Journal is the perfect place to pay tribute to your fave musicians and bands…and practice writing in their unique fonts. It will be fun to look back at the music you were into 10 years from now, so a page dedicated to this aspect of your pop culture life is a definite must!

7. Switch it up with color swatches

Need a place to test out nail polish colors? Where better than Wreck This Journal? Just don’t forget to write the name of the color underneath each swatch. So handy — you’ll have a reference guide for as long as you keep your journal.

8. See yourself in shadows

You’ll need a friend to help with this one — position a lamp so it shines against a wall, then have your friend trace your silhouette in your journal. Color in as you see fit. Many thanks to British Hearter Abbey for sharing this hands-down fabby idea. (Sorry, couldn’t resist the rhyme…)

9. Throw a quote party

Big on hearting quotes? Why not transfer a few of your favorites to your journal? Chances are you’ll never forget them.

10. Go camping with nothing but paper and crayons

Make summer last forever by illustrating everyone’s favorite campfire treat–thanks Danisa for this artistic rendering of the most unreal use of graham crackers ever. Actually, I advocate drawing any delicious food, which brings me to…

11. Pay tribute to the most glorious food ever to exist

Sorry, but how pretty are pink donuts? Even if you don’t love them, can we all agree that sprinkles make everything (including Wreck This Journal) more festive?!

12. Don’t underestimate the power of the pen

Stuck with a glorious idea…and NO supplies? Hold your worries — you can actually do a lot with a simple, basic pen. Take inspiration from this gorgey pen-dering (that’s my new compound word for ‘pen rendering’…)…it just takes a bit of creativity (okay, and a lot of patience) to end up with a masterpiece.

13. Be a bookworm

Like any page dedicated to your favorite artists, devoting a page or two to your current favorite book is a must-do. When you look back on your journal years from now, you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy inside remembering the first time you read about Hazel and Augustus…or Anastasia and Christian…

14. Use free stuff

View everything around you as something you can potentially slap into your book — coffee sleeves, plants, wrappers, tickets, receipts, etc. The weirder, the better.


Try being ridiculously overachieving on a page or two — supposed to stick something to the page? Stick 500 things to it. Told to drop the journal? Drop it from the highest place you can think of. (Just make sure no one is standing below…!) The shower page is always a fun one — why not DOUSE the book? (Don’t think of it as ruining your other pages…think of it as altering them.)

I am particularly in lurve with this fun shower page, first hearted by Valentina from Colombia. (By the way, her collections are killer…you should definitely give her a follow!)

16. Pick a palette

I’m absolutely gaga over some of these journals I’ve been seeing that stuck to a color palette all the way through. Talk about extreme dedication! So, whether it’s your first or fifth journal, why not challenge yourself by sticking to a color palette? (PS, got the idea from this unreal cover, first hearted by Elisabeth. Be still, my soft grunged-out heart!)

17. Keep your supplies on you

You never know when inspiration will strike, so at least try (I know, it’s hard…) to keep your markers/crayons/pens/pencils/paint/pastels/etc. with you. At the bare minimum, keep a pen so you can jot down ideas in your book for later execution.

18. Sleep with your journal…every night

…because you should show it some love. After all, it’s given you hours of entertainment! Thank you, Bianca, for first hearting these beautiful nighttime pages.

Hearters — what is the best/coolest/wackiest/most out-of-control thing you’ve done to your Wreck This Journal? Share below in the comments section and make sure to upload a pic to your canvas!

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