Chit-Chat With the Merrell Twins

unnamedAs far as YouTubers go, the Merrell Twins, Vanessa and Veronica, hit on all cylinders: they play music, act and do challenges.

We recently had an absolutely fab chat with the 18-year-old Queens of Positivity (honestly, they never stop smiling) about everything from starting a YouTube channel to their creative process, and, yes, their love lives. (We had to ask, duh.)

By the way…if you’re looking for a funny YouTube channel to subscribe to, theirs is it!

What’s your favorite thing about We Heart It website and app? Have you inspired any of your friends to create accounts?

Our favorite thing about We Heart It is seeing all the creative pictures everyone posts! It’s really cool to see what people Heart. You can tell what a person is like by the pictures they post and Heart on We Heart It. Also people are just so creative and we love that!

We have inspired our friends and a lot of our YouTube subscribers to create accounts! They really enjoy We Heart It.

What was the first thing you hearted? Any fun stories behind it? 

Our first picture we Hearted was a picture of a quote that says, “Laughing is the best exercise.

We just really liked this quote because we are always laughing! It’s one of the best things to do in life!

What types of photos do you like to look at on We Heart It? Do you ever use the things you heart for inspiration for your videos?

We love looking at all kinds of photos! Our favorite thing to look at is the “All Images” page because we like to see what everyone is posting about! There is usually hot guys, boy bands, adorable outfits, beautiful photography, pretty make-up, cute hair styles, inspirational quotes, animals and a bunch of other things! But you can always tell when something is really popular, like when The Fault in Our Stars movie came out, every one was hearting images about that movie! When the World Cup was on every one was hearting images about that! We just love seeing what is popular and staying in the loop!

You guys are obviously mega-creative. Where do you get your inspiration when it comes to being creative , either on YouTube or on We Heart It?

For We Heart It we like to post our own pictures of things we like or places we go to and quotes we love. When it comes to our YouTube videos we actually improvise a lot of things! We also like to see what is popular and create ideas based on that, whether it is a song, saying, a person, an action–basically anything! We write scripts for our videos and try to inspire others with our music.

merrell twins

How heavily do other We Heart It users and YouTubers influence your creative process? Do you usually get ideas for your collections and videos when you’re online, or out “in real life”?

We get ideas from both online and “in real life.” Like we kind of said earlier, people heart images that are popular at the moment, so we get inspiration based on what people heart the most. There are different accounts who influence us [focused on things] like fashion, photography, etc. But we really like to be original on We Heart It and YouTube.

There are a lot of comedy YouTubers we like to watch who inspire the type of comedy we do on our channel. We have a series of videos called “Survival Guide For ” and they’re just “tips” on how to survive certain things in life. We also do popular challenges that people request and cover popular songs.

You two are so creative in so many different ways — how do you switch gears? For example, what influences when you want to be serious vs. funny? Do you typically plan when you will create certain types of work or do you just go with your moods?

We always plan our videos. But like we said earlier, even when we have a plan, we improvise a lot! Our channel consists of  a lot comedy sketches but we are planning on covering some more serious topics in the future. We already have ideas of what we want to talk about.

How big of a part does being from California influence your taste in clothes, food and your general laid back attitudes?

California definitely has a different fashion sense than Missouri, where we are originally from. Our taste in clothes is very diverse! We feel that California is very laid-back about what people wear, meaning you can basically get away with wearing whatever. We have everything from floral print dresses to leather jackets, cute lacy shirts with bows to hipster crop tops. Attitudes out here are so laid-back and so chill! We feel like we can be ourselves and not be judged and we love it.

Where would you suggest your fans who want to become more creative in any capacity find their inspiration if they are unsure where to start?

If some one is unsure on where to start with being creative, we recommend on figuring out what you like to do. If you like art a lot, do something that involves art. If you like music, sing or play your heart out! It’s all about what you love to do. It could be something as simple as painting your nails or doing make-up. Just do… ANYTHING! And start now! Don’t wait for the “right time” to start being creative. Being creative and sharing what you love to do is an amazing feeling!

All right — we noticed someone has a giant crush on Cristiano Ronaldo. Who likes him more? 

Vanessa loves Cristiano Ronaldo. I (Vanessa) just think he is a beautiful looking guy (hence he’s in the beautiful people collection a lot) He also is a very good soccer player and got me into liking soccer! (We are terrible soccer players, though.)

Veronica or Vanessa: let’s play a quick game of “Who is more likely to…”

…stay up all night editing a photo or video? Vanessa
…run out of photo storage on their phone? Vanessa
…have an intense celebrity crush? Vanessa
…make a sign and hold it up at a concert? Veronica
…plan their Halloween costume super far in advance? Veronica
…eat an insect voluntarily? (Chocolate covered ants, anyone?!) Veronica
…propose changing their name? This is a hard one because we both love our names!
…jump into a freezing cold swimming pool on a dare? Vanessa
…win at bowling? Veronica… she always wins at bowling!
…fall while ice skating? Vanessa
…break a world record? Veronica
…ask someone on a date? Neither one of us because we believe it’s not ladylike to ask a boy on a date 😛
…buy a shirt with a quote on it? Veronica
…fall asleep while talking online? Vanessa
…spill something? Vanessa

Of all your collections, which is your favorite to add to? (Link to collection)

Fashion and Summer! We love clothes and anything that has to do with summer!

You’re on a desert island and you can only bring one luxury item. The catch is, it has to be something you hearted. What do you bring? 

Vanessa: I chose this one so I could escape the island!

Veronica’s: I chose this one because I could take the boat and find my way home!

If you had to sum up We Heart It in one sentence, what would you say?

We Heart It is a place where you can share your heart ❤

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