New to Collections: Add a Description

We Heart It - Daily Inspiration - Collection Description

You’ve added your favorite images to collections, now tell the world what they’re about! When you edit your collections on our site, you now have the ability to add and edit a description.   Use a  word or two, a quote, or lyrics – whatever helps you express what’s in your collections. 

Here are a few examples of when you might want to use this:

We Heart It - Collection Descriptions


This feature is now available on Android and it will be coming to iOS very soon.

The new We Heart It is here!

We Heart It version 5.0 for iOS

It’s here! Rewritten totally from scratch, our new app for iOS is out today. Here’s what you’ll experience in the new update:

  • Higher-quality and larger photos, pictures, videos and gifs.
  • Double tap to heart! Connect with the images and people that inspire you more easily than ever.
  • Customizable canvas that lets you feature a collection, like your favorite tattoos, latest fashion, or whatever you love.
  • Clean, modern and beautiful design. We Heart It has never looked so good!
  • New and improved browser, so you can save, upload and post new images from the web or your favorite blogs.

Be sure to download it now on your iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod Touch®!

We Heart It for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

As always, we welcome your feedback and comments. You can always send us a quick note at

This release comes after many months of development, design, and product research. And many cans of Red Bull. We truly hope you enjoy it!

Happy hearting!


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Following Collections – now on our site!

Now you can customize your following feed with the option to follow collections on our website!

Look for the follow button on collections to add just that collection to your following feed.  Mad about coffee, dogs, colorful images, or music?  Make your following feed about just the content you love!

We Heart It - Following Collections

iOS users – stay tuned!  We’ll be rolling this out to you soon.


Introducing Following Collections on Android

If you download the latest Android We Heart It update, you might notice a little something extra. After hearing your countless emails and tweets, and doing a little engineering magic, you can follow collections on We Heart It!

We Heart It - Android - Follow Collections

As much as you dig who you’re following, we understand that you might enjoy some of their hearts more than others. That’s precisely why we’ve released following collections. Collections give you a peek inside someone’s personality, dreams, and aspirations, and we want you to connect with others on the images, topics, and inspirations that matter to you most.

We Heart It - Android - Follow Collections in List View

Next to the title of each collection, you’ll now have the option to follow it. When you follow a collection, the activity from this collection will now appear in your Following feed.

Love someone’s travel collection, but aren’t too fond of their nail art collection? Toggle which collections you’d like to follow or unfollow directly from the Collections list view, or from your dashboard.

We hope you enjoy this new feature, and we look forward to hearing what you think.  Site and iOS users – we’ll be rolling out to your platforms soon.  Please reach us at if you have any suggestions or other feature ideas. We really value your input, so … we might just build it!

Download We Heart It in the Google Play Store

Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.

Proud of that collection? Share the love!

We Heart It Collection Sharing

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Take a look at the top right-hand corner of any collection page on We Heart It and you’ll notice a brand-spanking-new button on our site and mobile apps. After you’ve put the finishing touches on a collection click the ‘share’ icon that will allow you to send out your inspiring collections far and wide across the web. Your creative handiwork can be published direct to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and even email, to unveil that amazing collection for the world to see.

We Heart It Collection Sharing Mobile

Seen a collection lately that had you feeling love at first sight? Share it! To get you started on this journey of share-age, we’re showcasing a few clever collections expertly curated by the We Heart It community – enjoy!

Crème de la crème this week:

Cranking up creativity…

We’ve revamped profile pages to make them loads more valuable and creative.

We’re packing some serious heat in this update, so let’s take a little stroll through the new changes – we created a GIF to do most of the explaining for us:

  1. Your very own display ‘canvas’ featuring larger images and your latest collections
  2. A customizable cover image
  3. Updated pages for your hearts, collections, followers, and following lists
  4. Quick access to your top tags
  5. Ability to add images to more than one collection
  6. AND faster image viewing with 3 images per row

Veteran-tip: based on community feedback ‘sets’ are now ‘collections’.

If you can’t wait one more second to start customizing your new canvas and updating your cover image, check out the steps below:

We LOVE getting your thoughts on updates like this one and truly aim to make every new design and feature something that our We Heart It community is asking us for, and will find value in. Please reach us at with any feedback – the good, the bad, and the ugly – so we can continue to grow with you. Enjoy!


Spread the love! Check out how hearting just got even better.

Have you ever received a notification saying that 5 people have re-hearted an image from you, and wondered who these 5 people are? Well, wonder no more! Happily, for all you who have been asking for this, we’ve released a new RE-HEARTING feature that shows who you’re inspiring.

Now, you can easily see who you are hearting an image from, and let that person know you’ve helped them discover the image. And fear not, image posters! You’ll still get credit every time someone hearts from you or from one of your re-hearters, and be credited for first posting the image. If you’re on the web, just hover over an image to find the original hearter. The first hearter is shown, as well as new hearters thereafter!

This new hearting structure helps spread the love around even more. Get notified when your followers are hearting inspiring and beautiful images they may have not otherwise seen. You help others discover new content, get notified when they heart from you, AND help the original hearter receive more hearts. It’s win-win!

Check out the new layout on the site below. We made it so the user you’re hearting from is shown right up front, so you can easily identify who helped you discover that image. Expand the image details to unveil where this image came from, and discover the original hearter.

To see the full list of people who have re-hearted from you, simply click on the next showing the number of people who have hearted from you.

And if you didn’t hear, this announcement follows our release of Mobile Image Upload, so make sure you download the newest versions of our apps for iOS and Android. We’re constantly working to improve We Heart It for you, so please keep the feedback coming. Happy hearting!