We Heart It Community Spotlight: Brandy Saldana

We Heart It - Will Bake For Shoes

The name of her blog says it all: Will Bake for Shoes. Hearter Brandy Saldana has taken her love of footwear and cupcakes to the next level by turning her obsessions into an online space that’s both beautiful and mouth-watering to look at. Check out our Q&A with the baking blogger below to find out where she gets her inspiration.

First of all, love the name of your blog, Will Bake for Shoes — so creative and fun! How did you come up with that?

Thank you! My blog’s name “Will Bake for Shoes” came about before the end of my first year of blogging because I started sharing a lot of my cupcake creations on the blog and wanted to incorporate my interests of baking and clothes in one place. The title comes from a cup I labeled “Will Bake for Shoes” that I placed next to cupcakes I brought in to work as a joke that donations would go towards a pair of new Manolo Blahniks. I did eventually buy the shoes, but did not sell nearly enough cupcakes for them!

Your photos are amazing and don’t have that “re-touched” feel that many bloggers seem to favor. How did you become such a skilled photographer and what type of camera do you use? Is there any editing software or apps you prefer?

My boyfriend will be happy to hear that. His name is Armando and is the one that actually takes a majority of my outfit shots now. When I started my blog, I took most of my photos on a tripod with a timer or asked family or friends to take my photos until he moved in with me. I do take photos for my blog every now and then using my Canon T2i Rebel while he likes to switch between my camera and his Canon 7D. He taught me everything I know about photography and I like being able to take photos under manual mode and be able to adjust the settings so I can get the picture I want without needing to edit it later.

The only editing I have been doing on photos is reducing their quality through a script in Photoshop so they can load faster on my site. That was also created by Armando. Other than that, I prefer to just leave the photos as they are.

Brandy Saldana - We Heart It

What do you think is the most rewarding part of blogging and promoting yourself via social media? What keeps you motivated?

The people and friends I have made have been the most rewarding part of blogging. Blogging is not just something you do on your own – it requires some networking and community. I love that I have met like-minded who love fashion, are passionate enough to write about it and are not afraid to put themselves out there. I am always happy to see when others love something I share or post – and the support I receive from the blogger community is really sweet.

I stay motivated thanks to the people I have surrounded myself with who are also dedicated to their blogs, but also from the support from my family and Armando. I truly love to blog and it I want to keep doing it as long as I can. I am proud of what has been posted so far on Will Bake for Shoes and look forward to keeping it up so I can look back on how my style has evolved.

Do you have a favorite user on We Heart It to follow? What types of images does he or she post?

I enjoy following Manners and Moxie (Manners and Moxie) and Adiel (Triplyksis) heart. Manners and Moxie hearts beautiful fashion photography and travel destinations. Adiel does a fantastic job collecting nail art inspiration and the fashion photography she hearts is also really inspiring.

What’s the first image you hearted? What was the most recent? Any fun stories behind these?

I cannot remember my first We Heart It image I hearted, but I do know it happened when I was on a bus in Japan. It was late and I had Wi-Fi on the bus, and I had joined before I boarded my plane. I was addicted during my entire vacation, and spent most of my nights on the app. Lately I have been interested in hearing images of inspirational women on my collection Inspiring Women. I recently attended the LUNAFEST film festival and was inspired by the stories about women made by female filmmakers.

What’s a fun and easy DIY or baking project someone with a free weekend might want to tackle? Feel free to link to a Heart on your canvas or back to your own blog!

I think an easy baking project anyone can do is making beachy Hawaiian theme cupcakes. Fall has begun, so I think it would be a great idea to say Aloha to Summer with these easy to make cupcakes. All you need aside from cupcake liners, cake mix and frosting are tropical umbrellas, cocoa powder, and crushed graham crackers. I use a Wilton 1D tip to make swirls of frosting on my cupcakes, but a gallon ziplock bag with a snip at the edge of a corner can also get the job done.

Finally, what is your favorite thing about We Heart It?

I love being able to Heart things that I can use as inspiration later for an outfit or for cupcake decorating. It is also helpful that I don’t have to explain why I like something, I just do. I have really enjoyed the Inspirations feature lately – it narrows down to the things I am interested in seeing, letting me Heart more than I would just on my feed. I am excited to see what else We Heart It comes up with and look forward to sharing more images from my site with other hearters.

So, are you a hearter with a cool story to tell? Let us know and you could be considered for our next feature.

We Heart It Community Spotlight: Salli Mandel

We Heart It - Style By Salli

While covering New York Fashion Week last month, we spotted a photographer outside Lincoln Center, snapping street style pics right alongside the pros. Obviously we just had to stop her–and were shocked to find out style blogger Salli Mandel of Style by Salli is only 15!

If you’ve ever wondered how to go from casual consumer to fashion blogger extraordinaire, read on — she’s got tons of tips for appropriate school shopping, getting creative with clothes and how she plans to turn her love of fashion into a career.



Hey Salli — thanks for chatting with us! Let’s start with the basics: what’s your favorite part of picking out your outfit and getting dressed in the morning?

I actually pick out my outfit the night before, or have an idea as to what I want to wear. Maybe I want to highlight a certain jacket, shoes or accessory. I love experimenting and trying new things [and] I’ve tried a ton of different styles. I usually pick out one item I know I want to wear, and then build around it accordingly. It’ so much fun to see what I can come up with, especially when I layer things, crop things, or sort of make items “different” so that I can get a ton of looks out of one item.

We know you write a lot about your favorite budget fashion websites — what the items you couldn’t live without, if you could only pick five?

My top 5 fashion favorites at the moment are:

  1. My black sandals from ASOS (that were only $13!). They go with everything (no exaggeration) and are super easy to walk around in all day.
  2. My black Céline nano. It’s important to have a basic bag. I invested in mine so I could get one I knew wouldn’t go out of style and that I could keep using a ton.
  3. A vest. Whether it be the infamous J. Crew herringbone vest, that I luckily grabbed at a sale over the summer, or a cheaper Old Navy vest, I find myself layering vests into my Fall and Winter wardrobes a ton. They are really versatile, especially a good black or navy one, and can be worn in so many different ways.
  4. A t-shirt dress. On those days when I can barely get myself out of bed to go to school, I like to wear something casual that is easy to just hop into and go. I love Brandy Melville t-shirt dresses because they’re really soft and are the perfect length for school. Pop one on, slide into some cute sandals, tie a plaid around your waist, and you’re good-to-go.
  5. My J. Crew field jacket. I have one in green that was a total score from the J. Crew Factory store and I’m so happy I got it when I did! It’s the cutest jacket and is perfect for layering over a button down, shift dress, or even a crop top.

How did you decide to start a blog? Have you always been a creative person?

Ever since I was little, I’ve been really creative. When I discovered blogs, I decided it was the perfect thing for me because it was something that would make me really happy and also help me later in my life, applying to colleges and making connections in the fashion industry.

What do you like to do, besides blog, to be creative and experiment with different mediums?

The three major things in my life at the moment are blogging, horseback riding, and school. I have a horse so that takes up almost all the free time that isn’t devoted to school or blogging. I’m totally okay with it because I love it! I love hanging out with my friends and living in a city makes it that much easier.*

*(Salli lives in Washington DC)


You attended Fashion Week in NY this year — tell us about that! How did you get hooked up with such an amazing gig? Any advice for aspiring fashion bloggers?

Yes! I’m super passionate about my blog and I want it to go far (like every other blogger out there). It’s sort of a confusing story, but I was emailed by a photographer’s assistant just to say hello and that she saw my blog and wanted to introduce me to the photographer. Of course, I was excited and got to talking with her and they said that they had a spot on their team to come photograph street style at NYFW. She asked me some questions about what I would add to the team and what my strengths and weaknesses are, and not long after she said I would be a perfect fit! I was ecstatic and I knew it would be an incredible experience.

I really put myself out there with my blog and try to make as many connections as I can with other bloggers, businesses, and photographers. While going into the shows is amazing, it’s really hard to come by tickets and invites like I did. I got a ton of emails and comments on my blog and Instagram about “how I got in” and other questions after I announced the news. My advice is to really get yourself out there and take as many opportunities as you can. They’ll start coming more if you really get people’s attention.

I had planned, if I wasn’t invited into the shows at Fashion Week, to just go and take street style pictures outside the tent, just so I could experience it. I recommend doing that, especially if it isn’t a huge hassle to get to the city, because while the shows were an amazing experience, I met more people outside the tent while shooting street style than when I was inside. I met a ton of bloggers and other people who would approach me, or I would approach them, and we’d exchange cards. That was the most inspiring part of my trip because connections are a huge part of blogging and being in the fashion industry.

Who are you favorite people to follow on We Heart It and what types of images do you typically gravitate towards?

I’m actually a fairly recent user of We Heart It, but I’m already addicted. My Friday night? Spent scrolling and clicking on the site (#noshame). I love searching for style pictures that incorporate items that I already own, so I can discover more ways to style them! I especially love street style pictures because I find them the most inspiring. My absolute favorit eperson I’m following is Mauu_W (aka Fashion Police because the style pictures are so cute and I seriously could heart every single image.)

You’re only 15, but have you started thinking about a career yet? How important to you is being creative in the future?

I have a huge dreams for myself, which can sometimes be disappointing, but overall I think it makes me work harder to make them come true. I dream to be a fashion business owner, but I want my blog to always be a part of my life. I hope to study business in college and hopefully travel around a lot. I’m a traveling addict and Europe is my absolute favorite place on Earth. Like they say, you can take a girl out of Europe, but you can’t take Europe out of a girl! I always want to use my creative skills, so a job that doesn’t involve my creativity is probably not the job for me!

If you’ve got a style blog, link us to it in the comments, or drop a line for Salli. And of course, don’t forget to follow her on We Heart It!

Want to be featured too? Let us know!

We Heart It Community Spotlight: Tashina Combs

We Heart It - Tashina Combs - Hearts

In our last We Heart It Community Spotlight, we featured the spectacular Marie Brudevold. Luckily, at We Heart It, there is no shortage of amazing, inspirational users, so we’re happy to introduce to you Tashina Combs, the writer behind the vegan beauty and lifestyle blog, Logical Harmony.

Our friends at I Heart Daily chatted with Tashina about her inspirations, gold spray paint and her current beauty must-haves.

We Heart It - User - Tashina Combs

How did you find out about We Heart It?
I honestly cannot even remember because I have been using it for so long—literally for years!  Between the web browser and iPhone app, I’m on the site several times a day! I use the app during my daily commute, and then hop onto the web browser at some point in the morning or evening as well. I’m seriously addicted.

What do you love about the site?

I love that it lets me easily save and share inspiring images. It’s a great way to create vision and inspiration boards for different areas of life. I also love that it’s so easy to find images that appeal to you.

Who are some of your favorite people to follow, and why?

My favorites are Lauren Cosenza, Put Your Lipstick On, and ZOVA Fitness. Each one speaks to a different side of me. Lauren has awesome beauty images, Put Your Lipstick On has great fashion and house posts, and ZOVA really keeps me motivated with my workouts!

We Heart It - Divalicious - Hearts

What types of photos inspire you to post to your page?
I love photos that make me feel good! Beautiful locations, cute animals, fresh fruit… I also really enjoy photos that are beauty and fashion related and can help inspire my own style.

Do you prefer expressing yourself through photos or words?
Both. As a blogger, I express myself through writing. However, not everything can be appropriately expressed through words. Sometimes you just need a photo.

How would you describe your aesthetic?
Girly and fun. I love pastels, pink, and florals. I also love fitness, so there’s a lot of workout-related hearts on my canvas as well.

What was the last photo you hearted and what do you love about it?
A watercolor of a fox with raw crystals all around it. I just thought it was a great representation of nature, harmony, and positive creative energy.

What kinds of creative things do you do offline in your daily life?

Offline, I do a lot of cooking, recipe creations and small DIY projects. These projects usually involve another addiction of mine—gold spray paint. Each week I publish a new recipe on my blog, Logical Harmony, so I’m constantly coming up with new recipes, trying them, and photographing them.

You’re way into beauty—any favorite products to share?

Right now, I’m really into the Sibu Beauty skincare line. Since I started using it, my skin has never looked better! Other favorites are the Babette lipstick from Lime Crime, Better Than Sex mascara from Too Faced, and the nail polishes I Only Fly Private and Blush Boudoir Pink from NCLA. I love simple and natural products too, so I am rarely without cornstarch to use as a dry shampoo and coconut oil to moisturize and remove makeup.

Is there a quote or motto that sums up your feelings about life?
Gabrielle Bernstein said: “I am not the victim. I am the lighthouse.” Gabby has been a huge source of inspiration in my life and I love this quote because it’s a reminder that it’s important to rise above and always choose love over fear. We all have this amazing light inside of us—you need to let it out!

We Heart It Community Spotlight: Marie Brudevold

We Heart It - Marie Brudevold - Hearts

In a new blog series, we’re featuring hearters whose profiles inspire us. First up: Marie Brudevold, who fills her canvas with wanderlust and wild spirit. Obviously, we love her. Right up our alley! We wanted to get to know her more, and asked our friends at I Heart Daily to ask her a few questions.

We Heart It - User - Marie Brudevold

I Heart Daily: How did you find out about We Heart It?
Marie B: I found it through a blog I followed many years ago, it was love and one big heart from me at first sight! It’s such a source for inspiration, a place where you can lose yourself in dreams and ideas, and of course share your own dreams and inspire other with your own pics. Oh, I can browse on We Heart It for hours! I’m on the site almost daily. I turn to it when I’m at home on the couch with my MacBook, looking for pictures that can describe my mood.

IHD: Who are some of your favorite people to follow, and why?
MB: Mikson, she finds the most beautiful and telling pictures in the exact same style as I like ’em. http://weheartit.com/mikson

We Heart It - Mikson - Hearts

IHD: How would you describe your aesthetic?
MB: I’m attracted to melancholy images. When feelings are involved, when there’s a story behind a picture. But I also love art that is inspiring and happy, and I like pictures with people. I always sit and think about what the people in the pictures are doing for a living. Who they are, what they’re thinking.

IHD: What was the last photo you hearted and what do you love about it?
MB: Oh, that’s… My own, haha. (http://weheartit.com/entry/114030920/via/supermarie) I love the beauty of it, the light and the magic, made by our Earth.

IHD: What kinds of creative things do you do offline?
MB: I take a lot of pictures, mostly for my blog www.supermarie.no, and I love to decorate my home. I also go for walks in the mountains or the forest–Norway has so many places to go for beautiful walks in the nature, and that’s where I’m the most creative.

IHD: Is there a quote or motto that sums up your feelings about life?
MB: Don’t count your days, make your days count.

Want your profile to be featured on We Heart It? Follow weheartit.com/iheartdaily!


We Heart It Community Spotlight – Collections

A Day at the Beach CollectionWe love collections and all the ways you use them to showcase your creativity. You can weave a visual story through imagery, or just collect the things that inspire you.  What are you passionate about? Make an original collection that expresses you!

To get the creative ideas flowing, here are a few collections that we love today:

Visual Stories. Whether enchanting, imaginative, or intriguing, these collections took us on a visual journey:

Bright and Colorful. These colorful collections are a feast for the senses:

Artistic and Indie. Weird, unusual, and striking — these unique collections intrigued us:

Sporty. Celebrating bodies in motion and the inner athlete in all of us:

Funny and Quirky. Light-hearted or tongue in cheek, these collections made us laugh and smile:

Take Me There. Beautiful, far-away places and spaces that made us want to book a ticket right away:

Music. Because who doesn’t love a little rock-n-roll?: