Introducing Inspirations

We Heart It connects you to the images you love, and to other people. We realize that not everyone shares the same taste, so we’ve decided to beta launch inspirations.

Inspirations are a way to see images around something specific, like Fashion or Animals.  Select your inspirations to view all their images combined, creating a feed with just the content you’ll love. Find people who share your passions, so you can follow them or their collections and improve your following feed.

We’re also planning on discontinuing favorite tags, as the goal with Inspirations is to provide a better personalized feed of content.  We plan on adding more Inspirations soon, so if you don’t see the content you love, let us know what you’d love to see, and hold tight for updates!

We’d really love your input on this new beta feature.  Tell us what you like or don’t like, and other inspirations that you’d like to see. Take our survey!