Sharing images from We Heart It on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Find something you love on We Heart It that you can’t wait to share to Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter or to your other favorite places? Here are a few tips and tricks for using our iOS app. When you view an image in We Heart It and press the share button from your Apple device, it brings up what we call the share sheet: a screen that links to other apps. Keep in mind that the ones that appear on the first screen aren’t the only options: there is also an “Open in…” button as shown below: We Heart It - iOS Sharing - Share Sheet Clicking the “Open in…” button will bring up the rest of the apps installed on your device that you can share with. Remember that this list is not controlled by We Heart It, so if you don’t see a particular app, that app may not support Apple sharing.  

Sharing FAQs

How do I share to Tumblr?

When viewing an image, tap the the share button. Then tap the “Open In…” button. You should see Tumblr in this list if the app is installed on your device.

I don’t see a link or tags on my image when I share to Tumblr, help!

We are aware of this issue and should have a fix for it out soon! Thank you for your patience.

I have Facebook or Twitter installed, but they’re not showing up in the share sheet.

In order to see Facebook and Tumblr on the Share Sheet, you need to log in via device settings. Here are the steps to sign in:

  • Open Settings
  • Select the app you want to authorize:iOS Settings - Facebook
  • Enter your login information and tap “Sign In
  • Your device will show you what you’re granting permission to do. To accept, tap “Sign In”:iOS Settings - Facebook - Grant Access
  • Go back to We Heart It and click the share button. You should now see Facebook or Twitter in your sharing options

Have more questions for us? Drop us a line at, any time.